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Rap, Rock & Learn: English Prepositions of Time

Rap, Rock & Learn EnglishMusic helps you to pick up some very typical combinations of English verbs and prepositions.
Listen to Top Rapper Duke01, read along the full lyrics to every song, rap along and have fun!
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All examples in this chapter are based on the grammar books of infos 24 GmbH:

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English Prepositions of Time (Part 1)

Sound Sample:
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In August I feel fine, in November you were mine.
In 1995 I had a job, in 1998 I had none.
In winter I miss the sun.
In the morning I start my day.
In the afternoon I go away.
In the evening you come to me.
In a minute you will see.
In two weeks you‘ll be with me.


At night I sleep.
At 6 o‘clock I go to work.
At midnight I still watch TV.
At Christmas I will be at home.
At Easter I will be alone.
At the same time every day all my neighbours go away.


On Sunday there will be dinner.
On Friday I will be the winner.
On the 25th of December.
On Easter Sunday and on my birthday
there will be a great big party.
On the morning of March the 1st my aircraft
is going to rise into heaven.


By Thursday I will have a plan.
By the end of next week I‘ll get it done.
By Christmas I‘ll be number one.


After school there was a football match.
After the meeting I felt so stressed.

Rap, Rock & Learn English


6 years ago I felt so down.
3 months ago I saw a mouse.
2 hours ago you were still around.
10 minutes ago you left the house.


Before my birthday I‘m so busy.
Before you came I felt so sad.
Before you went on holiday you drove me mad.


Between Monday and Friday I have to work.
Between yesterday and tomorrow there is just today.
Between Christmas and New Year there‘s just one week.
Between now and then I‘ll have to sleep.
Between ten and twelve I‘ll cross the street.


During the holidays the weather was fine.
During the war they had such a bad time .

Music: ClassicRocks, Words: Infos24 GmbH
English Prepositions of Time (Part 2)

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Rap, Rock & Learn English


While you were sleeping I read a book.
While you were showering I was cleaning the kitchen.
While he is driving the car she talks to her mama on the phone.


We‘ll be on holiday for three weeks.
We‘ve been living here for five months.
Our neighbours have been living here for 17 years.


I‘ve been here since last Friday.
My mum‘s been here since 1999.
My brother‘s been here since April.


I‘ll be here until tomorrow.
You‘ll be here until next Friday.
My dad will be here until 2015.

from ... to / till / until

I work from from Monday to Wednesday,
...from Monday till Wednesday,
...from Monday until Wednesday.

I went to school from 1988 to 1997,
...from 1988 till 1997,
...from 1988 until 1997.

I was in Los Angelos from May to October,
...from May till October,
...from May until October.


It is 23 minutes past 6.
It is 10 minutes past 9.
It is half past nine.
He can‘t work anymore, he is past it.

to, up to

It is 23 minutes to 6.
It is ten to ten.
She works up to 6 hours a day.
He will be in jail up to ten years.


He collected many stamps over the years.
We go to France over the holidays.
He won 2 million Euros playing poker over the last three hours.


Within a day so much can happen.
Within a few hours your whole life can change.
Within a couple of years I became an old man.


Around Christmas we will meet again.
We‘ll meet around eleven.

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