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Learn German conjugation with music

Subject of this category is the conjugation of the important German auxiliary verbs sein, haben and werden. These verbs are some of the most commonly used words in German language. At the same time the correct conjugation of these verbs is pretty hard to learn. And there is an additional difficulty: The verbs haben and werden can be used as regular verbs (e.g. haben: Ich habe einen Pullover / I have got a pullover, e.g. werden: Der Pullover wird schmutzig / The pullover gets dirty) and just like the English auxiliary verbs have and will they can also be used as auxiliary verbs in order to express the perfect tense (e.g.: Ich habe gegessen / I have eaten) or future tense (e.g.: Die Menschen werden bald zum Mars reisen / Mankind will travel to the planet Mars soon). Learning to use the correct forms of these 3 important verbs means a big step towards learning the correct German Grammar.

The smooth grooves of the 6 videos in this category will help you to learn the conjugation of sein, haben and werden both in the present tense and past tense. Just listen to the correct forms and try to speak along. The "talking guitar" in the gaps gives you a hint which form to use next. So enjoy the music and spread the word!

free video: conjugate the auxiliary verb sein

free video: conjugate the auxiliary verb haben

free video: conjugate the auxiliary verb werden

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