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Nursery Rhymes

More than 130 traditional Nursery Rhymes
and new Children's Songs.

Nursery Rhymes
(Sound samples, full lyrics, historical background)


English & Irish Folk

15 traditional Folksongs,
extraordinary audio quality

English Folk Songs
(Audio samples, full lyrics, historical background)


Rap, Rock & Learn

Cool riffs and soft grooves help you to
learn English Grammer

English Grammar
(Video, Audio, full lyrics)


German Folk & Children's Songs

Performed by the musicians who
recorded The Nursery Rhyme Collection

German Folk Songs
(Full audio tracks, full lyrics, translation, historical background)


German Poetry Reloaded

15 timeless examples of classical German Poetry put into music

German Poetry reloaded
(Sound samples, full lyrics, translation)


German Grammar with Music

German Conjugation and Declension with music

German Grammar


proudly presents!

Sina is the youngest musician of our network. She performed on several of our releases throughout the last years. (listen to some tracks here)

Visit Sina's YouTube Channel

Experience languages with music

english versionWhen it comes to learning English, music can be very helpful in terms of motivating children and adults alike. Nursery Rhymes help children to improve their counting and singing skills, their feeling for rhythm and language. Children love to sing along to funny songs and rhymes. We are proud of having released the most ambitious collection of Nursery Rhymes that was ever recorded. Today the Nursery Rhyme Collection is one of the best selling Nursery Rhymes albums in the UK. On our site you find extended sound samples, full lyrics and translations of more than 130 Nursery Rhymes in German, French, Italian and Spanish. In view of the fantastic comments we received from adults who enjoy hearing these traditionals tunes played by real musicians we asked one of the key players, folk musician and multi-instrumentalist Mat Williams to record a Traditional Folk Music album. Enjoy the music and the fantastic lyrics (including commentaries) on our website. For older kids and adults we provide groovy Rap, Rock & Learn videos and audio, teaching various aspects of English Grammar. If you enjoy the English songs don't forget to check out our releases in German language, performed by the same musicians. Classic Rocks is a musicians' network that started back in 2006 with the collaboration of 3 English and German musicians. Meanwhile we are a network of more than 30 professional musicians and we teamed up with infos24 GmbH, a young Berlin company that revolutionised free online learning on the internet.


2001: Mike Wilbury (GER) and Ian Watts (UK) meet for the first time during the annual Beatles Convention in Liverpool

2002: Mike and Ian perform together at various international Beatles-Tribute-Shows

2005: England Theatre-Tour with the John Lennon Tribute Show "Come Together". Musical Genius Rick Benbow is the tour Keyboarder

2006:Ian and Rick being native English speakers help Mike producing his German-English Children's Musical A Toy Soldier In Love

2007: Ian and Mike perform together another time on their last common tour with "The Silver Beatles"

2008: The recordings for the first Nursery Rhymes Collection start in October 2008. Apart from Ian, Mike and Rick no less than 30 more English musicians are involved.

2009: Release of the first Nursery Rhymes Collection after almost a year of recordings: 70 traditional English children's songs arranged in a fresh and timeless way.

2010: The same musicians record the music for Die Neue Liedersammlung, an album with traditional German folk- and children's song. Mike records an album with the 3 Lovac Brothers Aaron, Adam and Abel: Teenage Queen.

2011: Release of the second Nursery Rhyme Collection II after another year of recording sessions: 67 more traditional and brand new children's songs performed by real musicians.
Later that year: Start of recordings for 2 brand new albums: Full English - A Collection Of Traditional British Folk Songs, featuring the talents of Mat Williams and Rap, Rock & Learn - Learn English With Music, featuring British Top-Rapper Duke01.

2012: New releases in May/June:
Full English - A Collection Of Traditional British Folk Songs, featuring the talents of Mat Williams
Rap, Rock & Learn - Learn English With Music, featuring British Top-Rapper Duke01

The infos 24 GmbH

The infos24 GmbH was founded in 2000 as an internet agency. In those days we published web tutorials for perl, php, sql, javascript and xml (compare www.infos24.de). All tutorials were offered online without any charge. Soon we had about 1,000 visitors per day, which was quite a reasonable amount back in those days.

Programming and helping other people to learn programming themselves was a good experience but it was more challenging to deal with real life, e.g. different languages and different cultural environments. Though it seems pretty obvious today that the internet is an excellent tool in order to show complex correlation in a more authentic and exciting way it was a pretty new approach back in those days: In 2003 we released a first version of a general Spanish grammar book (Spanish-German: www.spanisch-lehrbuch.de ). We were amazed to learn that this site reached about 2,500 visitors per day by the end of 2004 (not that spectacular anymore from our current point of view!)

Nevertheless, this success lead us to develop a more complex approach. The result of our work since then: 20 language portals for Spanish, English, German, Italian and French, more on the way (http://www.infos24.de/unten/projekte.htm). Currently these 20 portals attract about 16,000 visitors from all over the world per day.

It seemed pretty obvious to us right from the start that it wouldn't be possible to show inter cultural phenomenons that go along with a language unless we would work together with linguists, artists, musicians living within these different cultures. So we worked together with artists from all over the world right from the start.

First collaboration of infos24 GmbH and Classic Rocks: The German Portals of infos 24 get a brand new opening song: A new recording of "Ode to joy", the poem of Schiller, put to music by Beethoven, performed by the Lovac Brothers: www.curso-de-aleman.de, www.german-grammar.de www.allemand-online.de www.tedesco-online.de.

More common projects:
- The German language portals become multimedial
- Rock and Rap music and videos for the English portals
- release of www.classic-rocks.com

The most comprehensive Collection of traditional English folk songs and Nursery Rhymes plus German Folk Songs & Nursery Rhymes & German poems put into music by Classic-rocks, full lyrics and translations to each song (5 languages), tons of free sound samples.

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