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Rap, Rock & Learn EnglishMusic helps you to pick up some very typical combinations of English verbs and prepositions.
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Other English Prepositions (Part 1)

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He is thinking about her all day long.
They were talking about their new plans.
The book was about an old man and a fish.


Over this issue they broke their heads.
She has a little advantage over her competitors.
He chose her over all the other beautiful girls.
It just came over me.

according to

According to my last letter I will arrive on Monday.
This is not according to the law.
According to his mother he is ill.

among, amongst

Distribute this among you.
They always fight among themselves.
Among others.

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Other English Prepositions (Part 2)

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apart from

Apart from his arrogance he is quite nice.
We all had fun apart from the one day.
This is the best program you could get
apart from the very expensive version.
They are open every day apart from Monday.


He likes England, except for the rain.
They are open every day except Monday.
They all liked the trip except Susi,
she was sick all the time.

aside from

Aside from your shoes I like your outfit.
This is beautiful aside from the big mess over there.
He is a great writer aside from a few little deficiencies.


He is bar any doubt the most important writer.
They all have to take the test, bar none.
Bar the wooden table I will buy everything.


Excluding the little picture there was nothing to look at
in the whole apartment.
Excluding the impossible facts we came to the only possible solution.
You can sit anywhere excluding the first row.


Besides the fact that he was unemployed,
he was doing very well.
They were having a party, besides the exams could wait.
Besides the red shoes, she was dressed all in black.


All tasks in the test were easy to solve but the first one.
There was no one to blame but he himself.
Anyone else but him would have helped in this situation.
Anything but this!
We wouldn‘t have gone away but for you.


All windows were closed save the one that was broken.
Everyone wanted to go to the beach save him,
who had a bad sunburn.
Save a few lucky ones all drowned in this accident.


She works as a nurse.
As a doctor you should know better.
He lives as if it was his last day.

as from, as of

The new law is valid as of January 1st.
As from Monday we have a new colleague.
We are on vacation as of June the 30th.

as to

She was asked as to the murder of her husband.
We were talking as to his party tonight.
They asked as to the tickets for the concert.

because of

Because of the cold I couldn‘t come to the party.
He was very happy about the game because of its great
Because of him we didn‘t win the first place.

on account of

On account of his drinking he was not allowed to teach
They were having a party on account of their winning the match.
Many people were having a walk on account of the nice

due to

Due to the cold weather, we couldn‘t go to the park.
He did not want to go skiing due to the ice.
Due to lacking money, they couldn‘t go on holiday.

owing to

Owing to the cold weather, we couldn‘t go to the park.
He did not want to go skiing owing to the ice on the streets.
Owing to lacking money, they couldn‘t go on holiday.

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Other English Prepositions (Part 3)

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This matter is beyond my control.

Beyond the age of 30 things seem to get more complicated.
The town has changed beyond recognition
in the last 15 years.
Our plans go far beyond the next year.


They came by train / bus / car.
These shoes were made by hand.
It‘s cheaper by the dozen.
What do you get, when multiplying 10 by 3?
This room is 4 by 6 metres.
It‘s forbidden by law to cut rare trees.
Everyone knows that no one should not judge by appearance, but still we are often doing so.
He is a killer by profession.
Little by little we improve our product.
He thinks of work by day and by night.
It‘s fine by me.
Day by day he went to work.
She crashed the car by mistake.
They met by pure chance.
They made it possible by means of persistence.
By all means, just do it!
Don‘t do it, by no means!


We should do something concerning the issue
of increasing poverty.
You call him concerning the job he offered in the newspaper yesterday.


Considering all the facts the court came to the following conclusion.
He looks great considering his age.

depending on

Depending on the weather we could go to beach
or to the mountains.
It‘s all or nothing depending on the results of the last test.
Depending on her mood, it can be fun or total disaster.


He went to university despite being illiterate.
We had a fun day despite the bad weather.
Despite the fact that he was almost blind he ran the marathon.

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It was cold, notwithstanding we went to the park.
Notwithstanding that he had no money, he bought a new car.
There were loads of fish in the sea, notwithstanding
that fishermen went out every day.

in spite of

In spite of the fact that he was almost blind he ran the marathon.
We had a fun day in spite of the bad weather.
He went to university in spite of being illiterate.


Failing any new development we will not succeed.
They should study for their exam. Failing that,
they will not pass it.
Failing better technical support, we will not achieve the goal
of being first and best.


Following your arguments I would say that you are
strongly against our plans.
He was thrilled by the story, but following ten hours of reading, he was tired.
Following the argument there was nothing more to say between the two of them.


This present is for you.
We have bought two tickets for the concert tonight.
What did you buy these for?
He kept away of our garden for fear of our dog.
Let‘s go for a walk, it‘s so nice outside.

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Other English Prepositions (Part 4)

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Rap, Rock & Learn English

for (continued)

I bought this car for only 10 Euros.
The weather is pretty cold for June.
It‘s not for you to say anything about this.
I‘m really happy for her.
They all voted for the wrong guy!
He is definitely for it.
For every person who passes the exam there are 10 who fail.


Between the two of us: I just can‘t stand this guy!
They had only 10 Euro between them.
There was a diamond between the pebbles.

in favour of

He made a testament in favour of his daughter.
The insurance policy was written in favour of the husband.
We were all in favour of the first suggestion.

in view of

In view of the economic situation it is to be expected
that the corporate investments increase.
This is logical in view of the development he has taken.
In view of the poverty in the world one should not throw away bread.


The band played a lot of well known songs,
including some of my favourites.
Including these items you‘ll have to pay 99 £.
Today we are only 10 including me.


It seems your head is made of stone.
It‘s not the money but the fear of flying that keeps me from going to Egypt.
The night of the murder was cold and dark.
Their wedding day is on the 27th of May.


He takes the cover off the pan to have a look at his dinner.
They had to take off their clothes.
We could take 20% off the price.
She had a week off from work.
He is off drugs now.
Please turn off the light.

instead of

Instead of partying all week you should have studied
for your exams.
They should ask themselves what went wrong instead
of blaming others.
I would suggest the green coat instead of the red one.


The purchase price less 30% makes some 300 Euros.
The whole group less John and Susan makes 35 students.
Counting everything together less 10% we‘ll have 25 Euros.


The purchase price minus 30% makes some 300 Euro.
The whole group minus John and Susan makes 35 students.
Counting everything together minus 10% we‘ll have 25 Euro.


He often claims that he can‘t live without you.
Without their clothes they look like everybody else.
He likes salad only without onions.


He looks like his father.
It looks like rain.
What is it like to be famous?
He hit me, just like that.


The Duke of Canterbury.
Yesterday, we met some friends of mine.
She would like to have a piece of this delicious cake.
We often meet in a group of five women.
Unfortunately, he died of cancer.
Only one of us can go to the theatre, we do not have another ticket.

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Other English Prepositions (Part 5)

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out of

Do me a favour and stay out of my way.
Nine out of ten did not know the answer to the question.
At the end of the month we always run out of money.
They only did it out of jealousy.


Everything stays as it is pending the decision of the inspector.
Pending new further inquiries he has to stay in prison.


He would pay the price plus 50%.
They have 300 guests plus the family of the groom.
They are healthy, plus they are rich.

prior to

Prior to his departure he devastated the apartment.
She was a successful waitress prior to her job as a personal assistent.
He attended evening classes prior to his first assignment as a painter.


The discussion regarding your pay rise needs
to be postponed.
Thanks for your mail regarding our project.
With regard to your offer for our house, I would like to ask you to reconsider.

with respect to

He could do nothing more with respect to the complaint of their customers.
With respect to your project I would like to know
some more details.

regardless of

She did what she wanted regardless of the consequences.
Regardless of the pain he just went on running the Iron Man. They married regardless of all the warnings.


He is faster than me.
She is more beautiful than the sun.
The cookies of his grandmother were better than
the ones of himself.

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Half way through the lesson the fire started.
He met his girlfriend through a friend.
All through his life he admired the work of Shakespeare.
He was absent from school through sickness.


Throughout the summer he walked without shoes.
Throughout the country there is no better wine.
She was in a bad mood throughout the morning.


The car is really good; it goes 30 km to the litre.
Would you please give me the keys to your house?
Our team lost 110 to 112 yesterday.
It would not be to your disadvantage to help me.
He said no to my proposal.
Are you talking to me?
Everyone looking at her immediately turned to stone.
We danced to the sound of the wind and the ocean.
He kept this to himself.
To me, he seemed to have had the best ideas of them all.
It seemed to me that we were doing unnecessary work.

together with

The lottery jackpot together with the money from the bank robbery gives us the chance to live nicely for a while.
This cheese together with this wine are just delicious.
The Johnsons together with the Jamesons are coming for the weekend.


We can‘t do it under these circumstances.
This is not allowed for children under 7 years.
The issue is still under review.
He had to admit that he worked best under pressure.
Under the terms of this agreement you can do
whatever you want!

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Other English Prepositions (Part 6)

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Rap, Rock & Learn English


He is nice, charming, friendly and handsome,
quite unlike you.
Unlike these friends of yours, we are living in a house.
This document is hundreds of years old, unlike this forgery they brought here yesterday.

up against

They came up against a lot of opposition during their
In this competition we are up against strong opponents.
They are up against it.

up to

The rubbish was up to the windows of the houses.
This is really up to you, just let me know.
What are you up to tonight?


We can give this information only upon special request.
They came to the place of the accident immediately upon hearing about it.
He ate cookie upon cookie and was wondering,
why he didn‘t gain weight.


Yesterday, Birmingham played versus Chelsea.
This opinion is versus the general standard.
This project researches the possibilities of internet learning versus suggestive learning.


This trip went from London via Paris to Berlin and Vienna.
They met via a good friend.
She got the good news via the phone.


He is a man with strong principles.
They were going to the movies with their kids.
We went to New York for the weekend
and stayed with friends.
With this weather we can‘t go skiing.
I‘m with you in a second.
He is not quite with us.
She was sweating with excitement.


The next supermarket is within walking distance.
Within the next 10 days we can‘t do anything
to improve the situation.
There is nothing but woods within 400 km.


This film is worth seeing.
How much is it worth?
It‘s not worth the effort.
She is worth millions.


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