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Rap, Rock & Learn: Conjugation and English pronouns

Rap, Rock & Learn EnglishWatch and listen: The 4 videos in this category help you to conjugate the important verb "to be". Learn to use the English pronouns and possessive determiners. These 4 videos are designed for beginners. When you rap along mind that the guitar helps you by "saying" each phrase once before you hear our rapper Duke01. If you are an advanced learner please check out the categories irregular verbs and idioms and phrases.

the verb "to be"

Personal Pronouns
(object form)

Possessiv Determiners

Personal Pronouns
Possessiv Determiners

Konjugation und Pronomen

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Conjugation of the verb „to be“

I am in the house.
You are in the house.
He/she/it is in the house.
We are in the house.
You are in the house.
They are in the house.

Object pronouns

Can you see me?
I can see you.
I can see him/her/it.
Can you see us?
I can see you.
I can see them.

Music and Lyrics: ClassicRocks

Possessive determiners

This is my house.
This is your house.
This is his/her/its house.
This is our house.
This is your house.
This is their house.

Alright? This is my house,
whose house? My house!

Object pronouns plus
possessive determiners

Can you see me in my house?
I can see you in your house!
I can see him/her/it.
in his/her/its house.
Can you see us in our house?
I can see you in your house.
I can see them in their house.


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