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Rap, Rock & Learn: English Prepositions of Place

Rap, Rock & Learn EnglishMusic helps you to pick up some very typical combinations of English verbs and prepositions.
Listen to Top Rapper Duke01, read along the full lyrics to every song, rap along and have fun!
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All examples in this chapter are based on the grammar books of infos 24 GmbH:

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English Prepositions of Place (Part 1)

Sound Sample:
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We sit in the room.
I see a house in the picture.
There are trouts in the river.
He lives in Paris.
I found the picture in the paper.
He sits in the back of the car.
We arrive in Madrid.
He gets in the car.
She likes walking in the rain.
My cousin lives in the country.
There are kites in the sky.
He plays in the streets.
She lives in a hotel.
The boys stand in a line.


You should stay inside the castle.
Come inside.
Inside this country.


You shouldn‘t go into the castle.
He runs into the living room.
To look into an apartment.
To look into this issue.


She sits at the desk.
Open your books at page 70.
The bus stops at the station.
I stay at my sister‘s.
I stand at the door.
I look at the top of the mountain.
The car stands at the end of the street.
You mustn‘t leave your bicycle at the front of the house.
Can we meet at the corner of the street?
I met John at a party.
Carla wasn‘t at home yesterday.
He studies economics at university.
The children are at grandmother‘s.
She is looking at the park.

Rap, Rock & Learn English


He lives in the house by the river.
Come and sit by me.
A bird flew by.
He came by way of Paris.
on, on top of
The map lies on the desk.
The map lies on top of the desk.
The picture is on page 10.
The photo hangs on the wall.
He lives on a farm.
Dresden lies on the river Elbe.
Men‘s clothes is on the second floor.
He lives on Helgoland.
The shop is on the left.
My friend is on the way to Moscow.
On top of the mountain there is a little hotel.


He flies 100 meters above the ground.
I can see the clouds above.
I need to repair the lamp above the table.


The dog jumped over the wall.
He holds the book over the fire.

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English Prepositions of Place (Part 2)

Sound Sample:
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Rap, Rock & Learn English


You mustn‘t go across this road here.
There isn‘t a bridge across this river.
He lives across the street.


The mouse ran after the cat.
After you!


Our house is behind the park.
Your sister stands behind him.
There is a snake right behind you.


The bird flew against the window.
He stands with his back against the wall.
She is looking against the sun.


Our house is opposite the supermarket.
He sits opposite me.
They take opposite positions.


They‘re walking along the beach.
We go along the street.
He comes along.


I like being among people.
The cat among the pigeons.
The wolf among the sheep.

around, round

We‘re sitting around the campfire.
We‘re sitting round the campfire.
She puts the scarf around her child.
He is running around the stadium like crazy.

(Backing vocals: Watch wat you do I don‘t like that too much)

They wrap the paper around the gift.

under, underneath

The cat is under the table.
The cat is underneath the table.
You find my letter under your grammar book.
You find my letter underneath your grammar book.
There is lots of dust under his bed.
There is lots of dust underneath his bed.


Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
Below the surface you‘ll find a treasure.
It‘s ten degrees below zero.


There are canyons hidden beneath the dark waters.
There is a soft heart beneath the tough exterior.
She hides her money beneath the apple tree.


Beside the bed was a little table.
Her boyfriend stands beside her.
Beside the door is the bell.

next to

His house is next to the park.
Her boyfriend stands next to her.
Next to the door there is the bell.

near, close

Our house is near the supermarket.
They find a restaurant close by.
She goes to the shop close to her house.


Our house is between the supermarket and the school.
You shouldn‘t put more plants between the trees in the garden.
Between here and Moscow are two thousand kilometers.


He came down the hill.
Come down from that tree!
It fell down from the table.


Do you come from Tokyo?
There comes a lot of noise from over there.
It‘s a long way from here to Timbuktu.


I would like to go to Australia.
Can you come to my place?
I‘ve never been to Africa.
Have you ever been to London?
out, out of, outside
Can you wait outside?
They meet outside.
Outside of Birmingham is a nice spa.
The cat jumped out of the window.
Are you out of your mind?
The couple came out of the church.

in front of

Our house is in front of the supermarket.
I have your papers in front of me.
We meet in front of the theatre.


The cat jumped off the roof.
The lady took the mice off the table.
He took the old poster off the wall.
(Backing vocals: Watch what you do I don’t like that too much, keep your hands to yourself it’s forbidden to touch)


The cat jumped onto the roof.
He jumped onto the train.
The mice hopped onto the table.


Go past the post office.
He went past my room.
They run past the goal.


You shouldn‘t walk through the forest.
We are driving through a tunnel.
He goes through with it.

Music: ClassicRocks, Words: Infos24 GmbH
English Prepositions of Place (Part 3)

Sound Sample:
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They walk towards the castle.
He came straight towards her.
The rocket launched towards the sky.


He went up the hill.
She stepped up the ladder.
It‘s an up and down.


He has never travelled abroad.
Her brother studies abroad.
They live abroad.


Listen: All passengers aboard the aircraft need
to fasten their seatbelts.
He stepped aboard the train at the last minute.
Aboard the ship there were 200 passengers.


The train moved slowly ahead.
Please roll the tape ahead.
He is ahead of his time.

amid, amidst

There must be love amidst the terror.
Mary walked amid the thorns.
Amid the ruins there was a little flower.


To run away from the dog.
To send the beggar away from your door.
They give the mobile phones away for free.
Her boyfriend lives far away.

Rap, Rock & Learn English

Music: ClassicRocks, Words: Infos24 GmbH

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