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German declension

Declension of nouns and articles is one of the most difficult chapters to learn within German language. In modern English all nouns are used with the same article: the. Gender, case and number of the noun do not matter. E.g.: the man is old / I can see the girls - If you compare the 2 example phrases you will note that the gender changed (man / girls), the case chamged (subject form / object form) and the number changed (one man / several girls). But in spite of all those changes the article (the) remains the same in both examples.

This subject is treated completely different and much more complex in German language: The article of each noun changes (declines) according to

  • the gender (masculine: der Mann, feminine: die Frau, neuter: das Kind),
  • case (e.g. Nominative: der Mann ist alt, Accusative: ich sehe den Mann) and
  • number (singular der Mann, plural: die Männer)

Learn German declension with free video and music

Our videos will help you to use the 3 articles (der - masculine, die - feminine, das -neuter) i the right way according to their case, gender and number) Listen to each video until you can speak along.

free Video: declension masculine (present tense / past tense) 
free Video: declension feminine (present tense / past tense) 
free Video: declension neuter (present tense / past tense)

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