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Rap, Rock & Learn: Irregular Verbs

Rap, Rock & Learn EnglishWhen it comes to learning English language you might find it hard to learn all the English irregular verbs. Why not simply listen to an adventurous story and learn more than 100 of the most important irregular verbs along the way? Rebecca Leivers (Leadsinger on many songs of the Nursery Rhyme Collection), tells you the 3 forms of each verb slowly. Below the video you find the full lyrics to both songs, so enjoy the story!

irregular verbs
(Part 1)

irregular verbs
(Part 2)

Full lyrics: Irregular love with irregular Verbs, Part 1
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I‘ve got a story to tell you about
when I was in holiday in Mexico:

to be - was - been
to spend - spent - spent
to meet - met - met
to spell - spelt - spelt
to swim - swam - swum
to lie - lay - lain
to begin - began - begun
to go - went - gone
to eat - ate - eaten
to leave - left - left
to ride - rode - ridden
to seek - sought - sought
to find - found - found
to have - had - had
to see - saw - seen
to come - came - come
to speak - spoke - spoken
to cut - cut - cut
to lose - lost - lost
to sit - sat - sat

(Backing vocals:
And she said that, that‘s what she said:)

to think - thought - thought

to say - said - said
to send - sent - sent
to blow - blew - blown
to smell - smelt/smelled - smelt/smelled
to bend - bent - bent
to give - gave - given

(Backing vocals: Why did she do that?)

to light - lit - lit
to stick - stuck - stuck
to drink - drank - drunk
to spill - spilt - spilt
to pay - paid - paid
to take - took - taken
to arise - arose - arisen
to shine - shone - shone
to wear - wore - worn
to lean - leant - leant
to hold - held - held
to shut - shut - shut
to sink - sank - sunk

(Backing vocals: Oh how I longed for that) to strive -

strove - striven

to show - showed - shown
to lend - lent - lent
to drive - drove - driven
to bring - brought - brought
to sleep - slept - slept
to dream - dreamt - dreamt

Musik und Text: ClassicRocks

Last year I was in Mexico
that‘s where I spent my holiday
and that‘s where I met that lady
I have spelt her name ‘l - o - v - e’
It‘s there I‘ve swum in the ocean
and then I laid on the beach all day
When the evening began to fall
I went back to my hotel room
I hadn‘t eaten anything that day
So I left my hotel late in the evening
I rode downtown on a bus
I sought out a restaurant
and I found a little tapas bar
Now I‘ve had some tapas and a little wine
and suddenly I saw this girl
She must have come right out of the blue
She spoke to me with that voice
so sweet it just cut my soul
I was lost that very moment
when she sat at my table

“I have thought you might be lonesome“
said the girl to me and I blushed
Then she sent me the sweetest smile
That girl just blew my mind
and I smelt her perfume
when she suddenly bent over
and she gave me a kiss

The waiter came over, he lit a candle
my eyes were stuck on her lips
We drank a glass together
I got so nervous that I spilt some wine
Finally I paid the bill
Then me and her we took a walk outside
where the moon had just arisen
Believe me, it shone bright as day
She had worn that silky dress
She leant her head on my shoulder
when we held hands
We both shut our eyes
when she sank into my arms

I strove for her embrace
and she showed me how much she cared
“My mum has lent me her car,“ she said
then she drove me home
She brought me all the way back to my hotel
where I slept alone
and I dreamt the sweetest of dreams

Rap, Rock & Learn English

Full lyrics: Irregular love with irregular Verbs, Part 2
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You think I slept all night? I didn‘t sleep a wink!
Let me tell you Part 2.

to wake - woke - woken
to hit - hit - hit
to know - knew - known
to seek - sought - sought
to buy - bought - bought
to cost - cost - cost
to run - ran - run
to ring - rang - rung
to hear - heard - heard
to spring - sprang - sprung
to bite - bit - bitten
to bleed - bled - bled
to let - let - let
to kneel - knelt - knelt
to put - put - put
to break - broke - broken
to rise - rose - risen
to choose - chose - chosen
to burst - burst - burst
to lay - laid - laid
to do - did - done
to feel - felt - felt
to deal - dealt - dealt
to shake - shook - shaken
to become - became - become
to freeze - froze - frozen
to steal - stole - stolen
to swear - swore - sworn
to throw - threw - thrown
to tell - told - told
to forbid - forbade - forbidden
to spoil - spoilt - spoilt
to stand - stood - stood
to shed - shed - shed
to hurt - hurt - hurt
to tear - tore - torn

(Backing vocals: What does it mean?)

to fight - fought - fought
to fly - flew - flown
to creep - crept - crept
to feed - fed - fed
to sing - sang - sung
to draw - drew - drawn
to build - built - built
to make - made - made
to sell - sold - sold
to beat - beat - beaten
to catch - caught - caught
to hang - hung - hung
to weep - wept - wept
to mean - meant - meant
to hide - hid - hidden
to get - got - got
to keep - kept - kept
to write - wrote - written
to read - read - read
to burn - burnt/burned - burnt/burned
to forget - forgot - forgotten
to forgive - forgave - forgiven
to grow - grew - grown
to learn - learnt/learned - learnt/learned
to fall - fell - fallen
to teach - taught - taught
to win - won - won

Music and lyrics: ClassicRocks

When I woke up the next morning
it just hit me like a hammer
and I knew just what to do
I sought out a jewelry store
that‘s where I bought her a ring
That ring cost me a fortune
I ran all the way to her place
And I nervously rang the bell
I think I heard her dog
All of a sudden he sprang towards me
and he bit my finger
My finger bled, man, I hate that dog
That girl she let me in
I knelt down in front of her
I put the ring on her finger
“You have broken my heart,“ I said
“Opportunity has risen
and I have chosen you“
but she burst right out into laughter
“I‘ve laid all my cards on the table,“ I said
“And that‘s something I never did before“
“I have never felt like that
I have never dealt with that!“
But that girl she just shook her head
“You‘ve become mad,“ she said
The look on her face it was frozen
“You must have stolen that ring“
“No girl,“ I swore that wasn‘t true
But she threw the ring right in my face
And she told me to leave
That girl she forbade me to return
Oh man, I‘d spoilt it all
I finally stood up again
and I wiped away a tear I‘d shed
Man, that girl had hurt my feelings!
She had torn my heart in two

I would have fought for her
I would have flown to the moon for her
I would have crept in the dirt for her
I even would have fed that dog
I would have sung for her
I would have drawn a picture for her
Man, I would have built a castle for her!
I made my way back
and I sold the ring
and then I got beaten up by some kids
and I caught this terrible cold
I hung around for the rest of the week
and I wept some bitter tears
That girl had meant the world to me
but then she hid away from me
After I got home from Mexico
I kept writing to her every day
I think I wrote a million letters
I don‘t think that they were ever read
Maybe they even got burnt
Surely, she must have forgotten
But not quite sure if I‘ll ever be forgiven
I have grown much older
and I think I‘ve learnt my lesson well
I fell in love with a stranger
and she taught me that‘s no way
She has won that game.
No woman no cry, drive too fast and you will crash.

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