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Learn German grammar with free video and audio

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conjugate the auxiliary verb sein
conjugate the auxiliary verb haben
conjugate the auxiliary verb werden


declension masculine   
declension feminine   
declension neuter

German grammar...

... is often considered to be hard to learn compared to English gammar. Why? Hm. Whereas most English verbs (e.g. "to talk") tend to stay as they are, no matter if

I talk,
you talk,
they talk

(only exception: he/she/it talks) ...

... German verbs tend to change according to their use and context: e.g. to talk - sprechen:

ich spreche,
du sprichst,
er/sie/es spricht,
wir sprechen,
ihr sprecht,
sie sprechen)

Click here to learn how to decline important German auxiliary verbs.

Difficult? Yes it is. But it is getting even worse than that. There is a similar issue regarding German nouns as we have to differ between their gender, their case and their number. Click here to see the details about German declension.

Solution? There is none! You need to learn all the different forms of all the different verbs and nouns if you want to communicate in German. But you can do it the hard way or in a more relaxed way. That's why we provide free videos combining some of the most commonly used verbs and forms with soft grooves and sound. Just listen to the videos again and again and don't forget to speal along!

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